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"Find someone who really wants to help you to improve your ideas is hard work, and it's even harder if it's something relating to your business. They always want to take advantage of needs. World Digital Marketing Services, is different! They know what are they doing, and go further to run your business in a successful way. Their marketing knowledge is amazing and is crucial at the moment to take action. They take their time to educate you in a friendly and quick way. Great follow-up. Highly recommend this place! You won't regret."

Camila Barbosa

"I used World Digital Marketing for two services. I used World Digital Marketing for promotion of my Novel Monsoon Winds Hotel, and I made several thousand dollars within two months. They did great marketing for me to promote my novel. I was so impressed I returned to World Digital Marketing for promotion my new organization-Amethyst Life Long Learning. The results were awesome, and the price was great for the outstanding service I received. The staff was very professional and responsive, and the turnover was great. I highly recommend World Digital Marketing for your promotional needs/marketing needs. Dr. Julie A. Bankston"

Dr. Julie Bankston

"Working with World Digital Marketing has been a breeze! They provide an incredible service and really listen to what I am looking for and what I would like to accomplish with my own business. The team is extremely professional and responsive. It’s so refreshing to work with people who have the skillset as well as the ability to match the level of passion that I have to deliver to clients."

Heather Monatt
Joseph Ritchwood

Story Time

 I was born and raised in New Jersey until I was about 17 years old. From there, I moved to Florida and then eventually, North Carolina. At the age of 19 I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where I served for 3 years and 10 months. After being injured in Afghanistan in 2011 due to an I.E.D blast, I was medically discharged. I struggled to get my life back on track but soon decided to go to college to pursue Psychology.

Through trial and error, I soon came to realization that I lost all passion to study psychology and I wanted to help people in other ways. I chose to go the fitness route. After spending a lot of time learning the craft, I decided to open up my own personal training business where I would go to clients’ houses and train them. I chose this form of personal training because some people felt inferior in the gym setting, so coming to their house and bringing equipment was sort of my niche.

Soon after, I decided to join a humanitarian program where I went to Brazil to help people living in poverty. That went well, however, something was missing. I ventured off for a little, and finally! I found how I wanted to help people. You see, I loved to educate people, and I also loved to help people become successful. So, my mother gave me an opportunity of a lifetime.

I am the CEO of World Digital Marketing, and I absolutely love helping small businesses grow and become successful. We all have a desire to do–or be–something in life, and I want to help others get to their desired destination.

We take pride in our passion for helping people grow and expand.  

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